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About Us

Martial Arts for life

The concept of MonstarZen Martial Arts has always been about Balance.
Balance in fighting style but more importantly, balance in mind, body and spirit. Inside everybody is a duality of aggression and peace, and daily training in martial arts is the perfect vehicle to achieving this homeostasis.
All the team at MonstarZen are true martial artists in the purest sense.

We are all students simply wanting to be better at Life. Our aim is to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere without ego that is just about enjoying training, and improving together in a safe, clean environment.
We have teamed up with Carpe Diem BJJ, a jiujitsu team from Japan under the direction of Yuki Ishikawa that have the same ethos as us when it comes to Martial Arts.
There are no secrets to an easy life in a chaotic world but Martial Arts is a form of being in the present, focusing on the now, seizing the day. It is moving meditation to escape the outside craziness of the world and the inside craziness of our heads.
Our purpose at MonstarZen is to offer a space where anyone and everyone, just by simply turning up and training on the mats can directly or indirectly find their personal path to health and well-being.

Plus…learning how to Punch, Kick, Throw and Submit people is a lot of fun and addictive.

Welcome to the Dojo

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